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Could a performance review be good for your marriage?

Could a performance review be good for your marriage?
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What do you think of the idea of a performance review on your relationship?

Nikki and the Morning Show share a couple’s review performance. Nick Stares shares his wife Sofies' annual review that he prepared for her. He took her out to a nice Christmas lunch and gave her the 18-page document. He rated her performance as a housewife, everything from how many times she smiles to her performance in bed.

Sam, isn't against a relationship performance review, you’re in a relationship full time and you don't always have the time to say the thing you want to. Sam is open to constructive criticism in his relationship if there is something that can be improved.

Mark, also agree with Sam if it is a mutual thing because a lot of couples don't know how to discuss touchy subjects and if it is mutual on both sides then it should be ok.

Nikki and Kim believe that it isn't the greatest way to express your feelings in a relationship. 

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