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The gift you bought your kid just wasn't the RIGHT BRAND!

The gift you bought your kid just wasn't the RIGHT BRAND!
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Cat and Claudia discuss how is it normal the way Claudia's son reacted to the gift she got him for Christmas.

Claudia's son wanted a pair of wireless headphones, AirPods to be exact for Christmas. Claudia and her husband bought him a more high-end brand of wireless headphones that came with a chain to make sure you cannot lose them if they fall out of your ears. Her son's reaction was sometimes she quite didn't understand. Noah said, "everyone will make fun of me because they are not AirPods". Is the name brands for teens becoming a huge issue?

Here is why kids always have to have hot brands and why it is normal. According to psychologists, teens and pre-teens are using friends to bolster their own self-esteem its called "mirroring and twinship" if they see themself reflected in another friend's appearance wethers that's words or clothes, or actions they feel less insecure, so its an ego boost for your child and its very common. Sometimes It is okay to spend the extra money to make your child feel like they fit in.

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