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In search of Montrealers who’ve legally changed their name

In search of Montrealers who’ve legally changed their name
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The start of a new year can inspire many of us to seek out some sort of change and every so often, you hear a story about someone who maybe went too far and now regrets whatever change he or she made.

This year, a story about a 30-year-old hospitality worker from the UK has gone viral after he legally changed his name to Celine Dion. Thomas Dodd shared the news on Twitter on December 31 with a tweet that reads, “Tier 4 is the least of my worries - I’ve just got home to some post. Apparently at some point over Christmas I’ve had one too many vinos and legally changed my name to Celine Dion”.

Unsurprisingly, his tweet captured the attention of the internet as well as our very own Cat Spencer who along with Meghan Kelly, decided to search for Montrealers who have also legally changed their name.  In doing so, they came across a listener who shared her crazy story. You need to hear it, to believe it. Listen to the audio below. Enjoy! 


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