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Are your shower habits normal?

Are your shower habits normal?
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Do you shower with your face or your back to the water? 

It has shocked many and may shock you to learn how a sizeable portion of the population showers…

Alice, from Crystal Palace on Twitter, started a debate asking questioning whether it's 'normal' to shower with your back to the water rather than facing it - so, how do YOU wash?

Alice, from Crystal Palace, who 'always' faces away from the water, took to Twitter and penned: 'Help me settle a debate. It’s normal to shower with your back to the shower right? Not facing the water?'


How often do people shower according to their country?

  • Japan, China 5 times a week
  • USA 6-7 times a week
  • Canada 6-7 times a week
  • FRANCE 6-7 times a week
  • SPAIN 6 -7 times a week
  • RUSSIA 6 times a week
  • AUSTRALIA 8 times a week
  • BRAZILIANS 12 times a week
  • COLUMBIA 10 times a week

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