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Male actors who play the SAME role in almost every movie

Male actors who play the SAME role in almost every movie
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This actor often plays an annoying man-child who hits on pretty women who are way out of his league? Adam Sandler

These actors have topped the list of male actors who always play the same roles in movies:

  • Dwayne Johnson is always a bad-ass who kicks ass and takes names.
  • Will Smith is always the good guy, even when he's the bad guy.
  • Hugh Grant is a vaguely charming, intelligent, British bloke.
  • Vince Vaughn is always a grown-up version of his "Swingers" character.
  • Jack Nicholson plays the same sleazebag in every movie he's been in since "Easy Rider".
  • Will Ferrell is always in comedies like an overgrown man-baby in every single movie. So it would be hard to see him in a serious role.
  • Jim Carrey, he's the obnoxious, irritating, over-the-top guy.
  • Robert Downey Jr always an overly confident snarky dude.
  • Mark Wahlberg always plays a hyper-masculine and extremely obnoxious man who ends up involved in some sort of action scenario.

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