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The world after the pandemic

The world after the pandemic
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In your opinion, What will life be like after the coronavirus pandemic ends?

According to historians, it will be like the roaring twenties. Similar to what happened after the 1918 pandemic, going to church will go down, people will hit the nightclubs, bars, restaurants, concerts, festivals, and sports.  

There will be many of us that will travel to see loved ones, others will have their weekends booked for the next year for occasions.

What have we all learned:

  • A lot of us have learned that working from home has decreased a lot of stress in our lives, helping us cope on a day to day and be more present with our families.
  • Schools have learned how online teaching can be a tool that makes the classroom more accessible.
  • New strategies to fight loneliness and avoid isolation.
  • Social behaviors we took for granted, such as handshaking and hugging.
  • Online support, such as doctors, groceries, and other necessities. 



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