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A company is selling bottled fresh air for over $100 a bottle

A company is selling bottled fresh air for over $100 a bottle
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Would You purchase a tiny bottle of “fresh air” for $100?

A UK company has sparked controversy for selling glass bottles filled with the “freshest coastal air” for up to $105 per bottle.

Coast Capture Air started bottling fresh air and later selling it as a souvenir— but while it might seem like a shameless cash grab, they claim they are using it as a talking point about the importance of clean air in the modern era.

What’s crazy is that this isn’t the only company selling bottles of air— there are plenty of other brands like Vitality Air, which sell canned fresh air from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and Air de Montcuq, which sells air from the French countryside.

What sets Coast Capture Air apart from those, however, is the price of their bottles: At up to $105 per bottle, Coast Capture Air is the second most expensive bottled air so far.

Yes, you read that right, they are the second most expensive.

Genuine Mountain Air from Switzerland sells bottles of Swiss mountain air collected from a secret location in the Alps for a whopping $167 per bottle.

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