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Life skills we wish we'd learned in school

Life skills we wish we'd learned in school
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With more people talking about homeschooling and alternative education systems, it got us thinking about what we wished we learned when we were younger and still in school.

Let’s face it, formal learning can teach you a great deal, but many of the essential skills in life are the ones you must develop on your own. And the harsh reality is many people are lacking basic life skills or a clear-eyed understanding of the real world.

Students learn a lot in school and while subjects such as algebra and physics are important, some of us might wish we learned other skills such as managing our time; doing our taxes; dealing with personal conflicts; professional etiquette, healthy eating, and even basic car maintenance. Seriously, just think about how much you would save if you could complete a basic oil change.

The Huffington Post recently published an article asking their staff what they wish they learned when they were younger and still in school. With that in mind, we've also compiled a list of ten life skills we wish we learned in school.

1.  How to save money.

2.  How to budget and organize your finances.

3.  How to invest.

4.  How to take care of your mental health 

5.  How taxes work.

6.  How to be confident.

7.  How to cook basic meals.

8.  How to start a business.

9.  How to buy a house.

10.  How to create a resume. 

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