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5 simple tips on how to do your laundry better

5 simple tips on how to do your laundry better
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Whether you’re self-taught or have been trained to do your laundry at home, we always can learn a little something new when it comes to taking care of our clothes and fabrics.

According to the New York Times’ Jackie Reeve, here are some of the absolute best tips to keep in mind when tackling your laundry at home. 

1. Attempt removing your stains before throwing your clothes in the hamper.

Stains bake in the dryer, so make sure to tackle stains before putting them in the hamper to get rid of them before it’s too late. Still noticeable after the wash? Throw it in for another round of washing before bringing it to the dryer.

2. Always follow the instructions on your labels.

Not everything is meant for the washer or dryer. Always make it a habit to go over your labels to see what cleaning method is the best for your clothing. Example: Always air-dry your bras to preserve the elastic.

3. Use hot water and the dryer to kill any germs.

Family member is sick at home? Cleaning sheets and clothing in hot water is the best way to kill any germs that may be lingering. Same goes for the dryer - heat that baby up!

4. Use dryer sheets and fabric softener sparingly.

 While the scent is more than heavenly, using dryer sheets and fabric softener isn’t always the best for your fabrics. Having the added layer of conditioning affects a fabric’s absorbency, which is not something you want for items like towels and cloth diapers.

5. Get in the habit of cleaning your washer and dryer.

Something that usually ends up at the bottom of the to-do list is cleaning the washer and dryer. It is important to always do at least one item-free load to clean out any residue and build-up that may be lingering in your washer. Same goes for the dryer; always clean out the lint after every load, as leaving that in the machine can be very hazardous.

Are there any laundry cleaning tips that you think everyone should be aware of?

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