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Paris Hilton counts crystal-studded Hermès handbag as her 'biggest splurge'

Paris Hilton counts crystal-studded Hermès handbag as her 'biggest splurge'
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Paris Hilton has named a crystal-studded handbag as her "biggest splurge".

In a new video for ELLE.com, the reality TV star offered up a tour of her enormous closet and also showcased several of her favourite items.

Among Paris's stash of purses was a pink Hermès Birkin bag, which is covered in over 60,000 Swarovski crystals and was likely to have had a price tag of around $65,000 (£50,000) when she first purchased it in 2018.

"For my biggest splurge, this is a custom-made Birkin bag. I love Hermès, and I love this bag," she shared. "If I was a bag, this would be me."

Paris went on to list a Michelle Torres dress with heart print that she wore on an episode of her Netflix show, Cooking with Paris, as one of her best new buys, and a beige Lanvin dress with gold beading as a great wardrobe staple.

And though the socialite has a closet any woman would envy, she insisted it was even more impressive before the so-called Bling Ring targeted her homes and stole her belongings in 2008.

"There are so many things in this closet that used to be here that I wish I could show you, but the Bling Ring stole so many things. I'm so bummed," the 40-year-old added.

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