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Unwritten rules everyone should follow

Unwritten rules everyone should follow
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In life, there are plenty of rules we are required to follow but what about those unwritten societal rules we wish everyone respected?

A while ago, one Reddit user asked others to share some unwritten rules. Their thread ended up going viral, receiving over 18k responses full of useful advice. Whether it's filling up someone's tank after they let you borrow their car or not chewing with your mouth closed, these are some of the more popular answers.

1. Don't ask for something if the person only has one left — gum, cigarette, piece of cake etc.

2. If you use up all of the toilet paper, you go refill it.

3. Don’t mess up an apology with an excuse.

4. Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

5. Do not swipe left or right if someone shows you a photo on their phone.

6. If you borrow someone's car, fill up the tank before you return it.

7. If you borrow something, return it in the same condition as you found it.

8. When out to dinner with a group, only the person who ordered the least expensive meal/combo of things can offer to split the check evenly."

9. Don’t blast your music on speakers when in a public space.

10. Keep toilet stalls tidy after using them.

11. Don't start drama at a funeral.

12. Chew with your mouth closed.

13. Don’t leave your shopping cart in the middle of the grocery aisle!

14. If you're borrowing it for the third time, it might be time to buy your own.

15. If you cancel on a friend, it is your responsibility to reschedule.

16. Don't propose at someone else's wedding.

17. Do not vape when in a space where you are not permitted to smoke.

18. Let the people off the elevator and train before you get on."

19. Walk on the left side of the escalator, stand on the right.

20. Don’t cook anything in the office kitchen that will stink up the joint.

21. Don't kick the seat in front of you on an airplane or in a movie theatre. 


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