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Christina Aguilera has Dirrty chaps stored in a 'vault'

Christina Aguilera has Dirrty chaps stored in a 'vault'
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Christina Aguilera has the famous chaps she wore in her Dirrty video stored in a "vault".

Back in 2002, the popstar hit headlines when the provocative clip was released, with her skimpy outfit - which was comprised of a bikini and butt-baring chaps - causing an uproar amongst critics.

Reflecting on the look in a new interview with People, Christina revealed she has the chaps safely stowed away in a special wardrobe.

"We definitely archived the look and God, I just hope they're still in good condition after all these years. But they're somewhere in the vault, yes," she shared.

And while Christina received negative feedback about the Dirrty outfit in the early 2000s, she gets a real kick whenever she sees a fan recreate the look today.

"I have to say probably the more trouble I got in for wearing it, the more fun I had wearing it," the 40-year-old continued. "The chaps were iconic. It was definitely a fun moment, and it still is fun to see people represent them for their Halloween costumes. I get so excited to see different people's interpretations of it."


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