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Studies show that horseback riding is the most dangerous sport

Studies show that horseback riding is the most dangerous sport
Dougal Waters / Stone / Getty Images

A recent study shows that horseback riding is known to be the most dangerous sport, according to researchers at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

While the sport is known to be one of the most fulfilling and beautiful of experiences, it can also be the most lethal (even for the most experienced of riders).

 “[...] This data suggests that the dangers of equestrian activities have been severely underappreciated. When controlled for hours of activity, horseback riding resulted in a higher proportion of hospital admission than other higher-risk activities like skiing,” explains researchers.

After analyzing 24,000 injured patients between the years of 2007 and 2016, the most common injuries were found in the chest and head, followed by the arms and legs. The average age of injured riders were men and women aged 47-years-old. 

The results showed that the severity of equestrian injuries and level of hospital admissions surpassed the percentage of athletes in football, auto and motorcycle racing, and in skiing.

Given injuries result in mainly concussions and brain injuries, researchers from this study are urging public health and riding agencies to better equip riders with the proper equipment to prevent severe injuries from continuing to happen.

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