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Harry Styles helps fan come out as gay to her mum during concert

Harry Styles helps fan come out as gay to her mum during concert

Harry Styles used some time in a recent show to help a fan come out as gay to her mum in the audience.

During a gig in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday, the 27-year-old popstar noticed a fan holding a sign that read, "My mom is in Section 201. Help me come out."

The moment where the Watermelon Sugar hitmaker noticed the poster was shared on TikTok, where he can be heard saying, "What would you like to tell your mother?" to the sign holder, McKinley McConnell, who was standing in the pit.

"I can tell her if you'd like," he asked.

McConnell responded, "Okay, there's a lot of people!" to which Styles jokingly responded, "There is a lot of people. Did you not know? Did you think this through?"

"Okay, do you want to tell her, or should I tell her?" the singer repeated, before getting permission from the fan. "I can tell her, yeah, no problem."

After running to the other side of the stage, Styles gestured toward the section that her mother was sitting in and shouted: "Lisa, she's gay!"

McConnell's mum, shown on a jumbotron, blew kisses toward her daughter's section in response.

Later, while being interviewed by NBC News, the fan explained that they were sitting so far apart because they had flown out from Los Angeles to see the sold-out concert and that her mum kept telling her that she loves her.

"I'm really beyond blessed that both my parents are so supportive," she told the news outlet.


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