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Montreal restaurant offers free coffee and food in exchange for your steps

Montreal restaurant offers free coffee and food in exchange for your steps
/ barbaravin_ / Instagram

Looking for something to do this weekend in Montreal? 

Restaurant BarBara Vin in St-Henri launched a new campaign that offers clients free coffee and food in exchange for getting your steps in. Their intention behind this initiative? To support the mental health of montrealers.

With the recent news of restaurants being forced to shut down dining halls in Quebec, restaurant owners are trying to find new and unique ways to keep their customers coming back. While BarBara shared that they’re “not rich”, they understand the impact this has on their community and are trying to make a difference in any way possible.

According to a recent post on their Instagram page, “Walking is pretty much the only way you get a reset these days! The lack of motivation is [super] annoying, so Barb’s wants to give you a kick in the butt to help you move!”

How does this challenge work? It’s simple:

  1. Start your walking app
  2. Get your steps in
  3. Follow BarBara on Instagram
  4. Show proof of your steps with the date and time

What can you get in exchange for steps you ask? 

  • 5km: Any type of coffee in a regular size cup.
  • 10k: Any type of coffee and a pack of candles to bring home.
  • 15k: You get a small Cacio e Pepe for takeout.
  • 20k+: They’ll discuss when you get there!

Hurry because this campaign ends on January 12th, until supplies last.

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