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Temperatures to reach as low as -38 C this week in Montreal

Temperatures to reach as low as -38 C this week in Montreal
Credit: Eduardo Fonseca Arraes / Moment / Getty Images

It’s about to get real cold in Montreal, this week… Like, real cold.

You’ll want to make sure to add a few extra layers before leaving the house this week as the Greater Montreal Area will be seeing temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius.

Yup... Winter is officially here, folks.

Environment Canada gave out a cold weather warning for Tuesday morning as temperatures will reach a low of -38 degrees due to “the combination of an Arctic airmass and brisk winds.” Temperatures are expected to warm up throughout the day, reaching a low of -28 C.

Temperatures are expected to warm up mid-week reaching a low of -11 C on Wednesday, and then back to colder temperatures on Friday with a low of -19 degrees Celsius. We can expect temperatures to average around -15 degrees for Saturday and Sunday.

Weather that reach low temperatures make young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, people working or exercising outdoors, and those without proper shelter especially more at risk. Certain health risks include frost bite and hypothermia, which should be taken very seriously.

If you’re brave enough to leave your front door this week, make sure to bundle up and stay warm!

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Source: The Weather Network

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