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Quebec is lifting the curfew but adding other restrictions

Quebec is lifting the curfew but adding other restrictions
/ Emille Nadeau

Quebec's controversial second curfew of the pandemic is coming to an end as of Monday, January 17.

The announcement was made during a press conference this afternoon by Premier François Legault alongside Education Minister Jean-François Roberge, Health Minister Christian Dubé and interim Public Health Director Luc Boileau.

"Experts tell us that the new cases have peaked," Legault said.

"This means the measures we have put in place have worked."

Legault also announced that the vaccine passport will be required at big box stores that are 1,500 square metres or more, excluding grocery stores and pharmacies, since they are considered essential services. 

Legault also said that retail stores in the province that were ordered to close on Sundays for the past two weeks will be allowed to reopen on Sundays as of next week. 

The premier went on to say he hopes to reopen restaurants and concert venues shortly to those who are adequately vaccinated. He made no mention of bars or gyms. 


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