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Tips on how to start disconnecting from your devices

Tips on how to start disconnecting from your devices
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Do you find it difficult to fully disconnect from your devices? You’re not the only one…

From answering emails and texts, reading the news, laughing at memes, watching videos, and scheduling your day ahead of time, our phones have become such a huge part of our lives. Huge part or not, it is so important to disconnect from them as much as possible, to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

According to a study conducted by SecondSale.com, 54% of women say they feel more relaxed once they unplug from their devices, as it brings them contentment and happiness. With all of the news and information going on in the world right now, sometimes a little quiet time can go a long way.

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few tips of how you can start slowly disconnecting from your devices:

  1. Leave your phone at home for quick errands. The act of not having your responsibilities in your pocket will feel freeing.
  2. Charge your phone in the other room and start using a real alarm clock. Your sleep time is the best time to relax and disconnect.
  3. Turn off push notifications for your apps.
  4. Spend one day offline. Sundays are international lazy days… Give your phone a break too!
  5. Spend your evenings phone-free. Put away your phone once you clock out at work.
  6. Make a point to meet and catch up with friends in-person as much as possible.
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