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The first thing a woman notices about a man is his…

The first thing a woman notices about a man is his…
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Hey fellas, have you ever wondered what women notice first on a man? The answer may or may not shock you…

When checking out a person, we tend to look at all of the different features of a person to see just how attractive they are. Sounds so superficial, we know. But, that’s just part of human nature!

While there are so many different articles written about what men notice first about women, we wanted to crack the code and see what it is exactly that women notice first about men.

Women’s Health Magazine conducted a survey with more than 200 women to find out what the first thing women notice on a man. According to results from the survey, the number one thing women notice are… his eyes!

The next features that made it on the list also include a man’s smile, teeth, and his height. To our (very little) surprise, none of the women conducted in this survey admitted to checking out a man’s abs, butt or package as one of the first things they notice on a man. 

What is one of the first things you notice on the opposite sex? We want to hear from you!

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