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Machine Gun Kelly worries 'stable life' will stop him writing music

Machine Gun Kelly worries 'stable life' will stop him writing music
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Machine Gun Kelly fears his "stable life" will have an impact on his music.

During an interview for the latest issue of Billboard magazine, the musician pondered whether pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, as well as his life in Hollywood with fiancée Megan Fox, might have an impact on his songwriting.

"The torture is real. However, do I invite the torture or create it for myself? Probably," the 31-year-old admitted. "Do I fear a stable life? Do I fear that it's going to stop my writing? For sure. Sometimes I wake up and it's like, 'It's sunny today. I live in this house today. What am I? I am a mainstream sellout, dude.'"

Kelly, real name Colson Baker, went on to note that he put on an "exoskeleton of arrogance and cockiness" when he was first starting out in the music industry to protect himself.

"I'm overcompensating so much for how I actually was inside. I was scared to be myself," he added.

The star's sixth studio album, Mainstream Sellout, is set to be released on Friday.

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