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Here are 5 ways to help cleanse your body in just one day

Here are 5 ways to help cleanse your body in just one day
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Looking for a little reset in your system? Here are a few tips on how you can cleanse your body in just one day.

Now that dining out with friends and family is a thing again, many of us are finding ourselves switching up our eating habits. From fast food, alcohol, rich recipes, and scrumptious desserts… Our bodies are starting to take a hit after nearly two years of eating only home cooked meals.

If you’re looking for a quick reset to help cleanse your stomach, here are a few ways can help reboot your system after just one day:

Drink lemon water first thing in the morning

Not only will lemon help with your digestive system in the morning, lemon also functions as a fantastic detoxifier. This will help you debloat first thing in the morning.

Have a big, nutritious breakfast

The biggest misconception about breakfast is that it is the least important meal of the day. Nope, wrong! Always make sure to have a full breakfast in the morning, as that is the food that provides you with fuel to last the entire day.

Make sure you’re eating whole and healthy food

On a day where you wish to detox, make sure you’re eating nothing but healthy and real food. Your body is searching for the vitamins and energy to get through the day, so give yourself exactly what you need!

Introduce tea into your diet

Dandelion and green teas are great for your digestive system. If you’re looking for that added reset, make yourself a cup of tea! You’ll thank yourself later as this also works great for your metabolism.


While this goes without saying, healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. To ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will want to make sure that you incorporate consistent moving in your daily routine.

By adding all of these steps together, your body will start to reset and feel a little better than the day before!

We recommend speaking to your primary health professional to make sure that this is right for you.

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