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Nunavik, Que to receive its first-ever CEGEP in the region

Nunavik, Que to receive its first-ever CEGEP in the region
/ © Cyrielle Beaubois / Moment / Getty Images

Looks like the government of Quebec is planning to open a CEGEP in Nunavik, making this the first post-secondary school to ever be built in the northern region of the province.

With the project being part of Quebec’s Northern Action Plan, this new development will allow students to attend school without needing to travel a far distance to attend classes.

As it stands, the majority of students must relocate to other major cities in the province in order to get a post-secondary education, which requires taking a plane. This new addition will allow more students to continue their education without needing to make complicated travel arrangements.

According to CTV News, “The government will conduct a feasibility study before breaking any ground, to be completed by March 2023.”

The education ministry plans to collaborate with the Inuit community to gather necessary information prior to finalizing any plans. They will be consulting the community on elements such as: model and structure, potential location(s), complementary services, main phases and conditions favouring access to higher education, and so on.

For more information on Quebec's Northern Action Plan, visit the government's website here.

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