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Benedict Cumberbatch preparing to house family of Ukrainian refugees

Benedict Cumberbatch preparing to house family of Ukrainian refugees
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Benedict Cumberbatch is waiting for a family of Ukrainian refugees to arrive at his home.

The Doctor Strange star told Sky News he is working with the charity Refugees At Home to rehouse Ukrainian refugees in the United Kingdom. Benedict expects one family to arrive at his house soon.

"They've made it out of Ukraine. I'm monitoring their progress every day," he said. "Sadly, they are undergoing some medical treatment. To say anything more about that would be invasion of their privacy and too much about when they're coming and how that's being managed would invade mine - but I want to give them some stability after the turmoil that they've experienced, and that's within my home."

The actor is also contributing to other families' rehousing needs. He explained, "I've been trying to help other Ukrainian families - nationals that are U.K. citizens - to house their extended families en masse, which you know they want to do, but it's very costly.

"So, I've been trying to help out with that financially in a couple of instances."

Benedict called Refugees At Home "a great gateway" for those who want to offer support.

"However gentle and generous and welcoming we are as hosts, we don't have the skills of mental health professions... I would urge people to seek out further help to bolster their efforts," he said.

"People are doing an amazing amount. It makes me very proud - very, very proud of our country and very proud of what we can be at our best as a human race."

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