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Apple to launch 'edit' and 'unsend' features on iMessage

Apple to launch 'edit' and 'unsend' features on iMessage
/ Karl Tapales / Moment / Getty Images

Ever find yourself wishing you can backtrack on a text you’ve sent? Well, Apple is fully ready to start answering your prayers…

The next iOS update will now allow users of Apple products to edit, undo send and unread their iMessage texts. A phenomenon we truly have all been waiting for.

In addition to the three updates mentioned earlier, users will also be able to mark the message as unopened, so that you can go back to the text later… Similar to Instagram Direct Message.

While these new features are expected to be released this coming fall, the mega tech company shared that this is one of the many major updates that users can expect to come in 2022.

Another update we can expect is the introduction of a new flagship M2 chip that promises to increase processing speeds. The MacBook Air will be the first laptop to get the second generation M2 chip.

Have you ever sent a text message you wish you could have immediately unsent? We know we have...

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