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AirBnB permanently bans guests from hosting house parties

AirBnB permanently bans guests from hosting house parties
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Thinking about hosting a party at an AirBnb? You might want to think again…

In 2020, the vacation rental company announced that they were going to put a ban on parties and groups of people surpassing 16 guests for a temporary period of time. Their reasoning behind this decision at the time was due to the fact that people were breaking COVID-19 rules and were gathering in rented homes:

“Some have chosen to take bar and club behavior to homes, sometimes rented through our platform. We think such conduct is incredibly irresponsible – we do not want that type of business, and anyone engaged in or allowing that behavior does not belong on our platform.”

Now two years later, the company is looking to end house parties and small events altogether. According to CNBC, “The company is permanently banning “disruptive parties and events,” which include open-invite gatherings. “Party houses,” which people book to throw a large event for just one night, will stay banned as well.”

This decision doesn’t come as a surprise as we’ve all heard the many horror stories from AirBnb hosts having their properties be completely destroyed. The reckless behavior can cost an individual up to thousands of dollars, and truly no one wants nor deserves that.

While we wish the decision could have gone the other way, it is only right that the company protects their hosts. After all, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have the many amazing locations at our disposal. 

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