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Twitter account made for lost Air Canada luggage

Twitter account made for lost Air Canada luggage
izusek / E+ / Getty Images

Last week, Air Canada announced that they would be cancelling flights due to the lack of employees available to support travellers. Following this news, many travellers have been left stranded waiting for their flights, in addition to lost and unattended luggage.

With many travellers feeling upset and hopeless, one person decided to come up with a Twitter account (@AClostmyluggage) to help connect Air Canada passengers that were separated from their luggage and personal belongings.

From not being able to contact customer service to passengers losing big items like wedding gowns, the account has been retweeting different travellers' stories on the platform, sharing their frustrating experiences.

This person was even forced to purchase a whole new car seat for their child while on their trip in Florida.

Many passengers have been waiting for several weeks waiting to hear back from the airline for updates on the whereabouts of their personal belongings. 

Have you been negatively affected by the sudden change in flight schedules and baggage distribution?

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