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5 keys to a fast and effective workout in less than 30-Minutes

5 keys to a fast and effective workout in less than 30-Minutes

Ever feel overwhelmed about getting workouts done daily? Fitness coach Alessandro Passalalpi and owner of Fitathelte helps you with a workout regime in less than 30-minutes! Check it out below: 

Knowing your objectives prior to a workout can make things smoother and less stressful. There is nothing worse than losing momentum by not knowing what to do next. 

Pre-Exhaust Routine To Start
In order to get those endorphins going, a pre-exhaust is essential in order to get the engine running and heart rate going. This can be anything from 5-minutes of HIIT cardio, to a super-set featuring exercises like burpees or jump squats. 

Blend In A Variety Of Skills Into Your Workout
Just going with the motion and hitting lots of reps can not only get long and draining but also boring. Switch up those goals and blend different skills from strength, hypertrophy and muscle endurance. 

No Distractions And A Timer 
Put the phone and other distractions away. The only thing you should use a phone for is to put an alarm, holding yourself accountable towards the allotted time at your disposal. 

Nutrition At Least An Hour Before 
Like the pre-exhaust, external factors can slow you down. Make sure your nutrients are properly digested before a workout. This will add to your workout speed, without feeling slow or sluggish.

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