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Small and easy steps to help you cut back on drinking

Small and easy steps to help you cut back on drinking
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Looking for a way to slowly cut back on drinking? We hear ya.

With the pandemic having brought on various bad habits, many of us are looking to cut back on the excessive drinking and snacking we’ve become accustomed to. While going cold turkey doesn’t truly work for everyone… Slowly cutting back might be the safe bet for others!

According to the research journal, Addiction, scientists say the best way to cut back on drinking is by consuming your beverage in smaller glasses. This way, you won’t necessarily notice the difference, as you are still drinking from a full cup.

While this only works for those that prefer drinking at home, the research found that people looking to cut back noticed a significant difference in their drinking habits after switching up their drinkware.

Other methods you can use to cut back include:

  • Asking your friends to hold you accountable.
  • Avoid going to events where alcohol will be served.
  • Taking it one day at a time.
  • Purchase alcohol that has a low percentage of alcohol.
  • Set a budget that you must stick to.

While these are only suggested methods, we always recommend speaking to a healthcare professional when looking to switch up your health habits.


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