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F-bomb therapy: How swearing can help release stress

F-bomb therapy: How swearing can help release stress
Tommaso Tuzj / Moment / Getty Images

Looking for a way to blow off some steam? What about dropping the good ol’ trusty F-bomb?

Sometimes when we’re feeling stressed, we need to just release any pent up anger or stress by doing something a little wrong to feel a little better. It might not be the most appropriate or polite thing to do, but it’ll help you calm yourself down, even just by a little bit.

According to lead researcher Professor Jeffrey Bowers, of Bristol University's School of Experimental Psychology, swearing can help release any anger or stress:

“Taboo words generate emotional reactions in part through verbal conditioning - that is, through a simple form of learning, the sounds of taboo words become directly associated with emotional centres in the brain,” he explained. “Accordingly, taboo words can evoke strong emotions even when they are uttered without any desire to offend.”

So, while we don’t quite recommend cursing at an important dinner party, allow yourself to let loose while in the comfort of your car, kitchen, or bedroom. We promise you’ll start to feel a lot better... It's just science!

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