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Here’s how often you should be changing your household items

Here’s how often you should be changing your household items
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When it comes to household items, how often do you replace your belongings? According to experts, you should be replacing stuff a lot more often than you may think…

Whether it be for sanitary reasons or for the lack of functionality over time, you should always keep tabs on the shelf life of your items.

Unsure of how long you should be keeping things around? Here’s our quick cheat sheet of what you need to know:

Slippers. Experts say slippers should be cleaned or tossed every 6 months to avoid the spreading of fungal infections.

Pillows. While you may have your favourite choice of pillow, you may want to avoid getting too attached as they should be changed every 2-3 years. Why? Overtime pillows become homes for dust mites.

Towels. Even the biggest of clean freaks can’t avoid getting bacteria in their towels. According to experts, we should be tossing our towels every 1 to 3 years.

Hairbrushes. This is one many people wouldn’t see coming. Depending on the brush you may own, these things need to be cleaned rather often… About once a week to be exact. And for those that own boar bristle bushes, these should be replaced every 7-10 months.

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