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The Beat FX: Clues & Wrong Guesses...

The Beat FX: Clues & Wrong Guesses...

For a few weeks now, the entire island of Montreal has been trying so hard to figure out the sound for The Beat FX!

From asking your friends and family at the dinner table, to leaving meetings to listen to the sound on the radio... The Beat FX has easily become one huge group effort.

Last week, we gave Montrealers the challenge of getting our video to 1,000 likes in exchange for a clue reveal... And boy, did you guys ever deliver!

Check out the video here:

Now, we can tell you're in need of some help, so here it is... The current list of wrong guesses already made:

  • Closing a garage chute
  • Garbage Can opening
  • Wall Stapler
  • Industrial hole punch
  • Metal tool box w/ tools in it.
  • Screen Door Slamming
  • Slamming a car door
  • Cash Register
  • Music Instrument Cymballs
  • Locker closing
  • Ripping a hand towel from the dispenser
  • Closing cabinet drawer
  • Oven door closing
  • Balloon Popping
  • Fender bender
  • Water draining
  • Guarberator
  • Snow falling off the roof 
  • Turnstile
  • Chopping through a head of lettuce 
  • Biting into a potato chip
  • Microwave door closing/opening
  • Toast popping up
  • Grating bread on a cheese grater
  • Rake
  • Shoveling snow
  • Cutter slicing paper
  • Fluffing the bed sheets
  • Heavy duty staple gun
  • Stacking shopping carts

Need more help? Here is your SECOND clue:

  • It's portable.

Make sure to check back on this page often, as we will be updating the list throughout the week until we find our Beat FX winner!

Listen carefully, and good luck!

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