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New self-disinfecting elevator button

New self-disinfecting elevator button
/ PixelCatchers / E+ / Getty Images

After working on the idea for several years, inventor Raymond Boisvert released LIBU (life button), the first self-disinfecting elevator button in eastern Quebec. How does it work? With ultraviolet light.

After a user presses the button, it automatically turns to the inside to be exposed to disinfecting ultraviolet light. This allows for bacteria to stop reproducing, offering a clean button every time.

A team of composed of several specialists and engineers was necessary to complete the project. After trials, it was concluded that the invention can destroy 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. 

Disinfecting buttons should be found in hospitals and long-term care facilities in the next year. 

PixelCatchers / E+ / Getty Images

Source: PixelCatchers / E+ / Getty Images

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