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6-year-old leaves her mom with $2,100 worth of Amazon bills

6-year-old leaves her mom with $2,100 worth of Amazon bills
Amazon Delivery / Cindy Ord / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Last week, a mother in the Montreal area was shocked to learn that her daughter had ordered $2,100 worth of good on Amazon. The 6-year-old, Mya, was able to do this through the family tablet when her mother wasn’t looking.

The Amazon-related emails that the mother, Mélissa Moffette received, were first mistaken for spam, not creating any doubts. But then, when 35 packages were delivered to Moffette’s residence on Monday, she realized what had just happened.

Little Mya was able to accumulate quite the array of items from Amazon. A total of 6 backpacks, 28 plush toys, 270 keychains, and 480 fake nails were ordered.

Moffette indicates this was a good lesson for her daughter. She plans on making Mya help her return all the packages appropriately. 

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