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'Treat yo self' with these self-care gifts this Valentine's Day!

'Treat yo self' with these self-care gifts this Valentine's Day!
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Wheover said Valentine's Day wasn't meant for treating yourself? Forget dating, it's all about YOU this V-Day! So grab a good book, draw yourself a bath, and treat yourself to these must-have gifts (that's what we'll be doing, anyways!)

1. Everything you need in a box

This self-care box contains bath salts, an eye mask, and chocolate...need we say more?? It even has 'me-time' in the title to make sure you remember to put yourself first this V-Day!

2. For the bookworms

Staying in and reading on Valentine's Day is what dreams were made of (no, really, that's what we dreamt of last night). Make sure to check out these books from Indigo if you haven't already!

3. It's all about being cozy!

There is no way that we're spending Valentine's Day in nothing other than a comfy robe, slippers, and the fuzziest socks we can find. Thankfully, La Vie en Rose has a few good options for all of these! 

4. Orange is the new...red

If you haven't heard of orange wine, now is your chance to try it! Compared to red or white wine, orange wine is "very fresh, with great aromatic power and an assertive structure," according to the SAQ's website. 

5. Tea-time me-time!

Cupid's breakfast, Chocolate Earl Grey or Peppermint Amour? Whichever flavour you choose, tea is a must this Valentine's Day. David's Tea offers this oh-so cute mug and tea set to treat yourself! Besides, it wouldn't be a self-care day without a steaming cup of Earl Grey.

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