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Believe it or not, pay gap is still a thing in 2023

Believe it or not, pay gap is still a thing in 2023
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Alright so International Women’s Day was yesterday. This inevitably made us reflect on how far we’ve come as women. I mean, it’s safe to say we’ve made some progress, right? From the right to vote, to free birth control in some provinces, women’s rights have surely evolved!

One thing that unfortunately still remains is pay gap… An ongoing issue in Canada and the states for years, pay gap has always been a hot topic for gender equality.

According to research, the pay gap between men and women last year reached $3.25 an hour. This means on average, women earned $989.08 per week while men earned $1218.70

Now, we aren’t talking about comparing jobs or even precedent career paths. This pay gap concerns the same job for men and women.

Of course, there’s still some previous progress to consider here. Women have come a long way in earning equal rights. In fact, research revealed that the pay gap has narrowed faster for weekly earnings than it has for hourly earnings.

Ladies, let’s keep working hard! We got this!

Chris Madden / Moment / Getty Images

Source: Chris Madden / Moment / Getty Images

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