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This summer’s weather in Montreal will be…

This summer’s weather in Montreal will be…
Summer / Scott Shymko / Moment / Getty Images

Okay, we might be looking really ahead into time but we just couldn’t help but take a peek at what summer has in store for us! With the summer season nearly 100 days away, June 21st couldn’t come any sooner. In the meantime, here’s what kind of weather we can expect for the sunshine season.

First things first, a ‘warmer than usual’ summer can be expected. Temperatures will rise to 32 degrees, occasionally climbing to 37 degrees! With humidity, this will cause temperatures to feel like 40 degrees in certain regions of Canada.

Farmer’s Almanac even called for “scorching” temperatures in Quebec and Alberta especially.

Montrealers can also expect summer to be a dry one, as below-normal precipitation levels will be expected.

What can you retain from this? Montreal can expect a warm, dry, and sizzling summer season! If you haven’t yet, make sure you get yourself an AC for home!!

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