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This is what your dog means to say when he does this...

This is what your dog means to say when he does this...
Woman with dog / Evrymmnt / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Are you a dog-owner? If so, you must already know that your pup's manneurisms mean certain things (kinda like a mom knows what her baby's different cries means...)

But did you know that your dog is actually trying to communicate with you when they do this? Find out how your dog communicates with you through the different parts of its body!

Brad Covington / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Source: Brad Covington / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Its eyes

If your dog stares at you for a long time, it simply means he's trying to show you how much he loves you! If, on the other hand, your dog avoids looking at you, it means he is scared or that he feels guilty about something...

Its tail

These 4 positions of your dog's tail could mean different things:

  • Wagging from side to side: Your dog is filled with joy!
  • Wagging slowly: Your dog is being cautious and patient
  • Rigid: Your dog is very attentive of something
  • Low to the ground: Your dog is feeling comfortable and relaxed


Its tongue

One thing to remember is that if your dog is licking its lips without sign of food nearby, this probably means that he is anxious (psst...your dog might also do this if he feels that you might be feeling anxious or stressed!)


Its stomach

When your dog shows you its stomach, it means that he feels genuinely safe around you (or that he's simply looking for some belly scratches!!)

Watch out though! Your dog showing you his belly could also mean that they feel very uncomfortable in that moment...so be careful!

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