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Laval, get ready for reduced speed limits and more speed bumps

Laval, get ready for reduced speed limits and more speed bumps
Laval speed limits / Leon Justice / Moment / Getty Images

The city of Laval recently announced its new plan to improve road safety in its neighborhoods. As of May 2, here are the new regulations being put in place:

  • Speed limits reduced by 10km/hour on most roads
  • Speed limit on local streets reduced to 30km/hour
  • Speed limit on main arteries reduced to 50km/hour
  • Speed limit on collector's roads reduced to 40km/hour

These new limits were agreed on to reduce accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, according to a news release made by the city of Laval. 

On top of these new speed limits, the city of Laval will also put in place an additional 300 new speed bumps (on top of the 700 already installed over the last 2 years).

These new speed bumps will mainly be installed around parks, elementary schools, daycares and seniors' residences to improve safety.

"This is a new chapter in street planning in Laval," said Laval's Mayor, Stephane Boyer, in a news release. "It is a time of sharing and civic-mindedness, which translates into more equitable and sustainable mobility."

Increased crossing times for pedestrians as well as new pedestrian lights are also part of Laval's new safety plan.

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