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Here is what you should NEVER do at the pool...

Here is what you should NEVER do at the pool...
Summer poolside / Belinda Howell / Moment / Getty Images

Pool season is officially upon us, Montreal! Though we all know you're dying to put your bathing suit on and cannon ball into the water, there are a few things you should avoid doing by the poolside...

Here is what The Morning Show found out about pool etiquette!



This one is pretty straight forward...just don't pee in anyone's pool, got it? (Or your own, for that matter...)


Avoid using glass bottles or dishware close to the pool! No one wants to end up with shards of glass in and around their pool, especially if kids are around!

Kids running around

Yes, poolside games can be lots of fun...until someone falls and injures themselves. Please try to avoid having your children run around the pool! Besides, there's nothing worse than having to look after someone else's kid not following the rules..


Splashing around

You might want to think twice before cannonballing into the pool. If you do, just please make sure everyone around doesn't mind getting wet! 


Swimming while sweaty

The best summer feeling is going into the pool when you're hot & sweaty, right? That is, if you don't mind swimming in dirty water. If you're to use someone else's pool while sweating off, please make sure to rinse off first!

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