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We asked you to name something from your childhood that kids these days wouldn’t understand

We asked you to name something from your childhood that kids these days wouldn’t understand
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Last week, we took to our Facebook page and asked listeners to name something from their childhood that kids these days just wouldn’t understand. Since we received a ton of feedback and some genuinely great responses, we decided to comb through the hundreds and hundreds of comments and post our favourites below. As always, we’d like to thank everyone for your replies. You guys and gals are the best!!!

Note: If you would like to see all the comments, you can find them here at this link

Krystal Whyte

"Waiting by the radio for our favorite song to come on so we can click record! I still have my mixtapes lol and my shock wave lol."

Jenn Topp-Lalonde

"The utter frustration of a radio host talking over the beginning or end of a song when you’re trying to make a mixtape off the radio."

Susan Glen

"A big key to adjust the roller skates you put onto your shoes, that fit and we’re shared by your older brother, sister, and you."

Sherry Watt

"Go outside and play for hours when the street light comes on it’s time to go home we did not need our mom to come to get us. Lol, we just know when you go in."

Jenna Whitehill

"Not having every movie, or tv show, or music video available 24/7. I used to wait hours for much music to play my favorite music video. Now with YouTube, Netflix, there’s no anticipation left for anyone."

Christina Ray

"Floppy disk, walkman, dialup internet."

Beverlie Mae

"Collect calling your parents to let them know you need to be picked up."

Mandy Gosselin

"Rotary phone, rabbit ears with aluminum foil, walking 5 feet across shag carpeting to change the channel only to get a shock from the carpet."

Cheryle Godon Saurwein

"The pencil and an unraveled cassette tape."

Elisa Bisante

"Roller skates you slip on with your shoes and had a key to tighten them and kept the key around your neck with a string! My first typewriter with an erasable band( no more liquid paper needed)."

April Connor

"Telling my kids that late at night the tv channels would stop for the night, blew their minds."

Christopher Capicollo

"Cassettes and making a mixtape off the radio."

Tiziana De Spirito Talarico

"Getting up to change the channel on a black and white floor model TV with only 4 Canadian channels 2, 6, 10, and 12."

Wendy Campbell

"When the street lights came on it was time to go home!"

Linda Lancione

"Playing outside for starters! No computers, video games, or cell phones."

Aisha Newton

"Manually rolling down the car window."

Natasha Trindade

"Rewinding a VHS tape."

Sandro Di Girolamo

"Playing a 33rpm or 45 rpm record at the wrong speed."

Chantal Van Uytfanck

"The tv remote on a wire. A little brown box to change your channels."

Cristina D'Anello

"Recording my favourite music videos from MuchMusic on VCR tapes."

Anne Larocque

"Waiting to get our photos developed."

Natalie Rourke

"Flipping the record over to hear the rest of the album. And for that matter, listening to an entire album."

Claudia Antonecchia

"My daughters and I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning on Netflix...they had no idea what a pager was and I had to explain it to them." 

Krys AnTak

"Slap bracelets, sip sacs, cassette tapes, cassette walkman with no rewind button, oh and here's a good one Q92."

Sierra Coutu

"I’m younger but they’ll never know what it feels like (that excitement) to go to a blockbuster video store to chose a movie for the night now that Netflix and all those services exist."

Ashleigh-Rose McGovern

"Brushing your teeth during commercials and hearing your sibling yell IT'S BACK ON."

Catherine Kopec

"Getting off the internet so that my mom could use the phone."

Carrie Bellamy

"Having to take the phone handle off the hook so you don't get calls. Dial-up internet!"

Rmita Jfr

"Floppy disk."

Alanna Rossi

"The city phone book for residential numbers and the yellow pages for businesses delivered to your door every year.  "

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