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58% of adults use ‘big’ words when anxious to sound smart - study

58% of adults use ‘big’ words when anxious to sound smart - study
Britt Erlanson / The Image Bank / Getty Images

A new study revealed that the majority of adults will use ‘big’ words when they are anxious, in the hopes to sound smart.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. When people are put in uncomfortable situations, we all have our own nervous ticks that we resort to. From biting our nails, crossing our arms, or cracking knuckles… It subconsciously comforts us.

However, according to Preply.com, 58% of adults have admitted to using big and smart words in awkward conversations in the hopes that the other person will have a better opinion of them… Even if they have no idea what the word they are talking about means.

While you may think that you are making yourself look and sound more important than you probably are, this theory only works 50% of the time… Especially if the other person understands the definition of the word you are talking about. 

Our recommendation? Take in a deep breath, acknowledge the emotions you are feeling, and try being yourself before you make the uncomfortable situation that much more difficult.

We believe in you, you’ve got this.

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