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Gemma Chan's mum taught her the importance of skincare routine

Gemma Chan's mum taught her the importance of skincare routine
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Gemma Chan's mother taught her the importance of a "cleanse, tone, moisturise" skincare routine.

Widely regarded as the three pillars of any skincare regime, L'Oréal spokesperson Gemma revealed she has long been a fan of taking care of her face.

"My mum was quite good at instilling a good routine when I was young - cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Making sure you do that wherever you are and whatever time it might be," the actress told Refinery29. "So I've tried to stick with that, with varying degrees of success.

"I was quite tomboy-ish when I was younger and I did loads of sports. But I do remember also going into my mom's room and it would be like, a cloud of Elnett (hairspray) I would walk into. I remember experimenting with her lipsticks. I made some major beauty mistakes, especially when experimenting as a teenager."

Travelling the world for work can take its toll on her skin, but the Don't Worry Darling star has found ways to combat any stress her skin faces.

"The key is to stay hydrated," she shared. "When I'm on a flight, I try to cleanse my skin, use a serum and make sure that I'm quite consistent with that. I found that after travelling, lymphatic drainage massages are good."

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