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Gigi Hadid embracing 'nepo baby' status

Gigi Hadid embracing 'nepo baby' status
Gigi Hadid / © Cover Media

Gigi Hadid has no problem with acknowledging her "nepo baby" status.

During an interview for The Times, the model was asked to weigh in on the debate over the term, which refers to the children of celebrities who have succeeded in pursuing Hollywood careers.

In response, Gigi insisted that she has always been open about the privileges her mother, former model Yolanda Hadid, and father, property developer Mohamed Hadid, have afforded her and her siblings.

"Technically, I'm a nepotism baby. My parents came from very little, (but) I've always acknowledged that I come from privilege," she said. "My parents told me, 'Just because you have parents who were successful, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't walk into the job being as nice and as hard-working as you can be.'"

Elsewhere in the conversation, Gigi noted that she doesn't view herself as the "prettiest person in the world" but has no plans to resort to cosmetic injections right now.

"Some Botox could probably help but I'm not so obsessed with caring that I want to do anything about it," the Next in Fashion co-host added.

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